The Navajo Year


The Navajo Year
Walk Through Many Seasons
Nancy Bo Flood

Billy Whitethorne lives with his wife, Priscilla, in the Shonto-Black Mesa area of the Navajo Nation. He belongs to the Lkaa dine (Reed People) and is born for the Hashk hadzoh (Yucca Fruit). Art has always been a strong presence in Billy Whitethornes life. His mother was a weaver, his father was a sculptor, and his uncles and aunts were assorted artisans. As a child, Whitethorne drew on chalkboards at school; and looking at comic books with his brothers inspired him to draw his own Native American action heroes. Today, Whitethorne constantly examines colors, attempting to determine which colors compose the landscape that surrounds his Arizona home. Says Whitethorne, If you spend a lot of time out on the Reservation, you try to separate all the colors in that one image and see how many different colors you can see. When he observes a hummingbird, he does not notice one color but a rainbow. Each time he looks at the tiny bird, he observes a new color and tries to apply it to his art. The Navajo Year, Walk Through Many Seasons is Whitethornes first book with Salina Bookshelf, Inc.

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