Lore of the Superstitions


Jack San Felice

Lore of the Superstitions: with lore, legends, tales, maps and bibliography related to the Superstition Mountains and the Lost Dutchman and Lost Peralta Mines. Jack San Felice, 1999. A limited reprint edition by the Superstition Mountain Historical Society. Large spiral bound notebook, 112 pages. Maps, photographs and illustrations.

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Author's statement: "The author compiled and updated this booklet during a period of 10 years of conducting research and lecturing on the Superstition Mountains. It was first primarily designed for students to acquaint them with the mountains and give an overview of many of the diverse types of legends and information written about these famous mountains. A formalized book has been written by the author and is in manuscript form. It also contains many personal experiences and photographs of the various famous and not so famous people of the mountains. The author gives first person descriptions of many of the canyons and trails taken during his hikes, horseback and 4-wheeling in the mountains. Jack San Felice 2003." Designed as a notebook for students, this contains a very useful mix of original material and reprints of other author's works. A good introduction as such, and a useful supplement to other works.

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