Apacheland Barn

Apacheland BarnAnother major building was spared in both fires at the Apacheland Movie Ranch ….. which has long been called the “Rifleman’s Barn” since it was located where the TV series, The Rifleman, was produced. Actually, the barn figured prominently in dozens of western films shot at this location. It too, was donated to the Superstition Mountain Historical Society by the owners of Apacheland, Sue and Ed Birmingham. It was moved in literally hundreds of pieces to the museum’s grounds and is now has been reconstructed almost entirely of it’s original materials. The sheathing of the roof has been replaced and some of the shingles. It’s loft will serve as storage area while the ground level will have displays of a number of vehicles representing the old west … wagons, buggies, stage coaches, etc. It is an important visitors stop as they traverse the trails which crisscross the grounds.